Punches Coatings

Our manufactured Punches Coatings enhance performance and increase the longevity of the tooling. Our specialty coatings will support to overcome the tableting challenges and improves the quality and efficiency of the tablet manufacturing process. We are offering a special treatment that can improve tooling steel qualities. The offered tools for tablet pressing are covered with diverse coatings for the purpose of increasing the surface hardness grade, obtaining higher abrasion resistance and lowering the friction coefficient and the propensity of tools to seizure as well as achieving higher corrosion resistance and anti-adhesive properties.

One of the significant techniques for surface assurance is included by galvanic chrome plating, which is ideal for various standard applications. The covering is connected with the utilization of the electrolytic strategy in sulphate bath, which takes into account acquiring a 5-micron thick covering. Numerous regular tableting issues, for example, staying and picking, can be wiped out by applying an extraordinary covering to our tooling. This presents the customer with a choice notwithstanding modifying the plan.

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