Fluid Bed Drier

Fluid Bed Drier Manufacturer

Being one of the preferred choices of our customers, we are involved in presenting the best quality of Fluid Bed Drier that offers a lucid solution to dryer of wet granules, crystalline or coarse materials. The main process of the drier is to pass the hot air at a high velocity through the bed of the material to be dried, thus preventing it from fluidize. Our manufactured Drier is presented with dehumidifier at the inlet of the dryer so as to dry the product at low temperature under fluidized condition.

In the offered Fluid Bed Drier the blower speed is controlled by A.C frequency drive so as to control the fluidization avoiding choking of the filter bag. At still greater velocities the particles in the bed will begin to be in turbulent motion. Further all particles of the product are thoroughly mixed in the turbulent layer and they dry therefore at uniform rate. Moreover the increase in the stream of gas at last leads to a velocity at which the particles float, which occurs when the upward force equals the force of gravity acting on the particles. Our offered multipurpose Fluid Bed Drier is unparalleled and long lasting performance without any trouble.

Fluid Bed Drier


Features of Fluid Bed Drier

  • Time, space, energy and labour saver
  • Automatic shaking arrangement
  • Safe earthing device with low voltage relay
  • Design confirming to CGMP norms and its documentation
  • Flame proof electrical
  • Reliable performance
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Excellent capacity