Multiple Tools

We have been manufacturing Multiple Tools for over 25 years now and can offer our customers with diverse varieties and configurations of Multiple Tools to make sure uniformity of tablet weights during the Tablet Compression process. The manufactured multiple tools allow for the moulding of more than one tablet in each station of the machine, which increases its efficiency and decreases operational costs. The foremost profit of using Multiple Tool increases the production per tablet machine per unit space per unit time and it gives an average of 50-100% higher production.

It is also probable to create multiple solid punches in the tipped punches where the moulding part is joined with the body by means of a special cap. The number of such punches depends on the size of the tablet and the technological potential of the tablet. The major benefit of this solution is the ease of washing and cleaning of the punches without having to disassembly and assembling them again. This kind of a design solution also allows for the use of the same bodies of punches with various endings.