Industries We Serve

  • Pharmaceutical : To manufacture diverse shapes & sizes of tablets
  • Ayurvedic : To manufacture normally round shape tablets
  • Confectionery : To manufacture various shapes like fruits, animals & tablets having hole in center
  • Chemical : To manufacture normally round shape tablets for chemical industries as well as for chlorine tablets
  • Stationery & Cosmetic Industries : To manufacture diverse colour cakes for painting & cosmetic.
  • Industrial Power Metallurgy : To manufacture diverse types of magnets & automotive components by using power metallurgy.
  • Veterinary : To manufacture capsules of various sizes for supplement for animals
  • Nutraceutical : To manufacture variety of cakes of different shape & sizes for food supplements
  • Ceramics : To manufacture different shapes & sizes of components made out of ceramics used by electrical & electronics industries
  • Nuclear Fuels : To manufacture some balls & treat it in ovan to make nuclear fuels.
tableting Machines