Core Rod Solutions

We are foremost organization involved in offering Core Rod type compression tooling for customers. Our manufactured core rod Solutions is a special solution for providing concentric hole at the center of the tablet. The manufactured Core Rod Solutions tooling requires an especially customized lower press turret section that allows for a cam-driven “core-rod” to slide through the center of the lower punch tip thus forming the concentric hole in the center of the compressed tablet.

Jayshree’s precision engineering and manufacturing also offer the opportunity for uniquely shaped core-rods and multi-tip core-rods for producing specially shaped voids and or multiple holes per tablet. We have possessed the capacity to configuration create unique tooling for requesting applications for the pharmaceutical business, as well as for different ventures, for example, ceramics vitamins. Our skilful experts just utilize very much tried materials and advanced innovation while fabricating this packing tooling. Our esteemed customers can benefit this compacting tooling from us in altered choices at market driving costs.

Core rod tablet Punches & Dies